White Paper: Hybrid Infrastructures for Data Science

Posted by Tyler Whitehouse on Oct 25, 2020 7:56:54 PM

While the SaaS experience does a lot to make data science teams productive, cloud native platforms can’t deploy where enterprise teams actually work. This leaves organizations to sort it out on their own.

Recently, a “container native” approach has emerged that combines flexible deployment across machines with automation & streamlining for end users. This containerized & decentralized approach is native to hybrid infrastructures and goes beyond just reducing the pains to helping teams realize the full potential of hybrid infrastructures.

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Topics: Data Science, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Infrastructure

Data Science on Hybrid Infrastructure

Posted by Ken Sanford & Tyler Whitehouse on Sep 17, 2020 1:35:29 PM

Pretty much every enterprise needs a data science platform that:

  1. Provides productivity and collaboration features for individuals and teams;
  2. Streamlines the creation & distribution of Python and R environments;
  3. Lightens the technical load on data scientists and IT staff;
  4. Runs across bare metal, private cloud, and public clouds. 
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Topics: Data Science, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Infrastructure