White Paper: Hybrid Infrastructures for Data Science

Posted by Tyler Whitehouse on Oct 25, 2020 7:56:54 PM

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While the SaaS experience does a lot to make data science teams productive, cloud native platforms can’t deploy where enterprise teams actually work. This leaves organizations to sort it out on their own.

Recently, a “container native” approach has emerged that combines flexible deployment across machines with automation & streamlining for end users. This containerized & decentralized approach is native to hybrid infrastructures and goes beyond just reducing the pains to helping teams realize the full potential of hybrid infrastructures.

Download the White Paper

This whitepaper has details on how Gigantum delivers a turnkey framework that helps to scale teams on hybrid infrastructure. It does this through four crucial functions:

  • Easy, self-service deployment on customer controlled resources (on premises or cloud) 
  • Reduction of IT effort for provisioning and managing the underlying infrastructure and environments
  • One click transfer of customized and reproducible Python or R work between different machines and locations
  • Automation and streamlining for the technical skills needed for best practices, productivity and collaboration.

Topics: Data Science, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Infrastructure